Re[2]: typhonium

     T. divaricatum IS identical to T. roxburghii! Forget divaricatum, it 
     is a synonym of roxburghii and there is no reason to use the name.
     T. blumei and T. roxburghii look fairly similar; the feature I gave is 
     a reliable one for telling them apart, assuming that what you have is 
     either one or the other.
     All best

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Subject: Re: typhonium
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Date:    10/20/98 10:03 AM

        Thanks for your comments on the typhoniums.  I am assuming by your
comments that T. divaricatum and T. roxburgii look identical in flower from 
a couple of feet away and the only way to tell is to examine their sex 
organs when in flower.  Is this correct?
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