Re: Cultivars of Alocasia x amazonica

Dear Wilbert,
I will be persuing additional information on the naming of A. amazonica, and
will keep you informed on my findings.
One other possible scenario is that the person who produced this "new" clone
("Polly") could have pollenated one plant of "amazonica" with another plant
of the same clone (asume both were produced by vegetative reproduction).
The seedlings grown from seeds from this cross of two vegetative clones of a
hybrid plant could be quite different one from the other, AND from their
parent plants, each seedling reflecting different features of one or the
other of the ORIGINAL two species used in the cross pollenation when the
hybrid, A. "amazonica" was first created.   Also, all aroids are notorious
for their rapid vegetative mutations (evoloution) over a short space of
time.  One can observe this best in offshoots of the species of Xanthosoma
with the little frills below the leaf blades (I believe Deni Bown  calls it
X. atrovirens), where the "suckers" or offshoots can be quite different from
the parent plant, and could be mistaken as being from another species.
Will keep you informed on my findings.

OK!!!!!   HERE is the story on A. "amazonica" from "the horses mouth" (AKA
John Banta).
Salvador Mauro, a mailman from Miami (he was killed on the job by a car!)
owned "Amazon Nurseries" and produced the hybrid which he named "amazonica"
after his nursery.  If needed, I can find out the parentage.  This can be
verified by both John Banta and Monroe Birdsey.  Mr Mauro was a close friend
of the recently deceased Bob See, and there is a species of Homalomena named
after him (its in "Exotica").

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