RE: Cultivars of Alocasia x amazonica

Dear Julius,

Thanks for the info on the epithet amazonica. Let's face it, this thing
should have been published as a cultivar in the first place (Alocasia
'Amazonica') and not as a hybrid "species" with a Latin binomen. Anyway,
this suggests that the whole thing may in fact be one clone. Clonal
mutations may have arisen in time and that is what I need to know. If
this thing never mutates or has mutated, then there is no reason to
suspect new cultivars from within it.


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> Dear Wilbert,
> Just a note on this Alocasia--  A few years aback, I believe it was
> John
> Banta that published a most interesting note in the newsletter of the
> IAS on
> this hybrid and the reason for its name.  If I remember correctly, the
> breeder owned a nursery here in florida, and the nurseries name was
> "Amazonica", and he named his creation after his nursery.   This will
> clear
> up this hybrids name.  Maybe MOBOT or someone who keeps an archive of
> the
> IAS newsletters could pull the article up if needed.
> Cheers,
> Julius

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