Re: Pistia stratiotes infloresence

Interesting experiment, Clarence. Its amazing what a difference in 
climate will do for these little plants. 10 months ago I picked up two or 
three of them from a friend and tossed them in my little pond, about 400 
square feet of surface area. Within six months they had multiplied to the 
point that only 10% of the water could be seen. The rate of reproduction 
was amazing. 

Its no wonder that Pistia is among those water dwellers that Florida law 
prohibits moving. They are well known for choking the waterways here.
All but three or four of the several hundred I removed from the pond found 
their way to the mulch pile where they detiorated nicely. But another 
harvest is coming. Tonight I counted at least 50 growing.


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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