Pistia stratiotes infloresence

After drooling over the blooms of the giants (A. titanum and A. =
gigas/brooksii), I thought I would throw in a note on the other extreme. =
 Currently blooming under lights in my basement is Pistia stratiotes.  =
Here in Ohio, the cold weather gets Pistia before it has a chance to =
bloom (last Friday night we hit 20F).  This year I decided to try a =
recent suggestion and bring some inside under lights.  About 3 weeks ago =
I took two small plants (one c. 7cm diameter, the other 5cm), set the =
roots in soggy peat in a shallow dish and placed them 4cm from two 40W =
fluorescents (one a plantgrow type, the other cool white).  Low and =
behold, both are in bloom.  There are three inflorescences on the larger =
plant and one on the smaller.  At just 6-7mm spathe length it takes a =
magnifying glass or low-power microscope to appreciate them, but in =
their own way they are exquisite little gems.


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