Re: A. Konjac growing season : A Question (fwd)

Dear Aroiders,

I too would appreciate a response to Craig Smith's question because I find
myself in the exact situation. My konjac and bulbifer tuber remained
dormant all summer, until last week, when they awakened and started sending
up leaves. I too am worried that they will go dormant before the tubers can
regenerate to any significant size. I live in San Francisco and the days
are growing shorter and the winter rains will begin in about 2 months. On
the other hand my sauromatum have been up since April and are now just
starting to wither.


Steve Hall

>Craig Smith sent me the question below as he did not receive any
>responses from the list when he originally posted it. I cannot, with any
>authority, answer Craig, except to recommend praying. But I want an
>answer to this one also, because I have one Amorphophallus titantum tuber
>that did not go dormant until late April of this year and remains dormant as
>of September 1.

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