Re: blueberry Anthurium

Geoffrey:  The seeds are not poisonous if it is Anthurium because I eat
the mesocarp all the time.  It is initially sweet, but soon becomes
acrid, causing you to spit it out.  I suspect it may cause the birds to
do the same.  
> Dear All, 
> Some of you should start receiving your seeds from today; if you wish to see 
> what they will turn into then look at the ID section of the Aroid web-site 
> where they are now posted (with the help of Richard Mansell) and awaiting any 
> suggestions of identity. Dr Croat thinks it likely to be A. trinerve based on 
> description only, but hopes to get a look at the pictures later this week and 
> get back to me with a final decision. In the meantime anybody else who has an 
> opinion please let me know. 
> By the way, does anyone know if Anthurium berries are poisonous? A friend of 
> mine wishes to grow it but thinks his small children may find the berries 
> irresistable! I know many aroids have aggressive chemistry but had not heard 
> Anthurium being accused of this.
> Regards,
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