blueberry Anthurium

Dear All, 

Some of you should start receiving your seeds from today; if you wish to see 
what they will turn into then look at the ID section of the Aroid web-site 
where they are now posted (with the help of Richard Mansell) and awaiting any 
suggestions of identity. Dr Croat thinks it likely to be A. trinerve based on 
description only, but hopes to get a look at the pictures later this week and 
get back to me with a final decision. In the meantime anybody else who has an 
opinion please let me know. 

By the way, does anyone know if Anthurium berries are poisonous? A friend of 
mine wishes to grow it but thinks his small children may find the berries 
irresistable! I know many aroids have aggressive chemistry but had not heard 
Anthurium being accused of this.


Geoffrey Kibby
International Institute of Entomology
56 Queen's Gate
London, SW7 5JR
Tel: 0171-584-0067

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