Mark's A. titanum

Yikes!  Mark, you have one high class problem!  Now this is the kind of 
problem _I_ would like to have!  Does your greenhouse have a  dirt floor? 
The sole solution I can conjure up is to "lower" the container the plant 
is in.  Dig a hole to accomodate the extra growth on top.
Two questions for you:
1 - Will you please photograph this beast when it is up and send a copy 
    to one of us with a scanner so we can put it on the web site?
2 - For the benefit of those of us who have A. titanum, please provide us 
    with your horticultural secrets.  How large is the tuber and how old 
    is it?

Having spent lots of time in Phoenix, I have often wondered how I would 
grow tropical aroids if I lived there. Are you using swamp collers to 
cool and humidify?


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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