Amorphophallus growing season (was konjac ques.)

I've been growing several species in my greenhouse at 32 degrees north
latitude (Tucson, Arizona) for several to many years. My A. konjac,
paeoniifolius, bulbifer, Syndandrospadix verm., and Pseudodracontium sp. are
all very seasonal. Though they sprout at very different times in spring,
they all go dormant in September or October. The Pseudodrac. may keep its
leaves all winter, but stops producing new ones.

My A. titanum and atroviridis are completely aseasonal. I've watched the two
clones of titanum most closely. They produce a leaf that lasts 12 to 15
months, then drop it for a few weeks to two months. This year they both lost
their leaves in mid August, and are already pushing new ones.

Now for my question: My larger titanum will probably hit my 10-foot roof
this time. Is there any way to shorten the petiole without harming the
growth of the tuber? Can't grow them outdoors here - all of my amorphos are
killed by a few weeks of 105+ (40 C) temps.


Mark Dimmitt        Tucson, Arizona USA


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