Re: Cryptocoryne

At 04:14 PM 9/5/97 -0500, eduardo gomes goncalves wrote:
>Dear all, 
>	Some days ago I bougth a small Cryptocoryne (maybe C. cordata but 
>I think it is too young to say) and I am really  interested in growing it. 
>Meanwhile, I realize that I dont know absolutely nothing about growing 
>submerged aroids. Obviously, I can grow it as an aquatic plant in one of 
>my fish tanks, but I know that some plants kept in aquarium conditions 
>never reach flowering stage. I also know that some Cryptocorynes need some 
>time partially out of water. I would like to know if some of you - ``gods 
>of aroidology`` - are aware about its cultivation (including fertilization, 
>kind of water, etc). 
>Thanks in advance,
>I used to have aquariums for the pleasure of growing aquatic plants, and
not for the fishes. If you want flowers, you pot your plant in a clay pot
with its roots in actyal soil, and leave about half the height of the pot
for topping up with gravel. then you (artitically) bury the pot in the
gravel of the aquarium using stylishly deployed rocks if necessary to give
the impression that there is no pot.  Dont use those hideous purple
fluoresent need to use soft white fluorescents and an
incandescent source as well,   (towards the red end of the spectrum) to
induce flowering. soft acid water. The way to find out the ph of the water
is to look up the conditions for spawning of the fish which are native to
the waters of your plants. often flowering is initiated by an almost
complete water change, as would happen after a rainy season. The various
books on fresh water aquariums give you all the info for growing the
plants, but they are really talking about what the fish need. and they are
the same. It can be very tech-nique-y depending upon your water supply. I
remember doing all kinds of tests with primitive kits, but  it has gotten
much more sophisticated now. Don't have violent fish. many of them tear the
plants out of sheer evil, and dont even eat them.


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