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From: on behalf of eduardo gomes goncalves
Sent: 	Friday, September 05, 1997 5:14 PM
Subject: 	Cryptocoryne

>>Dear all, 

	Some days ago I bougth a small Cryptocoryne (maybe C. cordata but 
I think it is too young to say) and I am really  interested in growing it. 
Meanwhile, I realize that I dont know absolutely nothing about growing 
submerged aroids. Obviously, I can grow it as an aquatic plant in one of 
my fish tanks, but I know that some plants kept in aquarium conditions 
never reach flowering stage. I also know that some Cryptocorynes need some 
time partially out of water. I would like to know if some of you - ``gods 
of aroidology`` - are aware about its cultivation (including fertilization, 
kind of water, etc).<< 

Thanks in advance,

Eduardo. <<

My Dear Friend Eduardo,
 Nice to "hear" your voice again!  You can grow Cryptocorine and get flowering 
by planting them in shallow water where they will grow out and above the water 
and bloom.  In the earth/soil at the sides of a pond, or potted in a sand/peat 
moss mix and placed in a large pond, perhaps putting the pot on top of a brick 
so that it sit under 5" or so of water, or potted and placed near the surface 
of the water in an aquarium with Tetra or Guppy-type fish all will or should 
How are your plants doing?  Well, I hope.
The seedlings of the Dracontium are putting out more leaves, but are still 
like a grass.  I believe the Caladium stratipes died, as there is no sign of 
them as yet.  I have a friend coming up from Fr. Guyane, and I hope that he 
can find this species there and bring plants for me.
Hey,I got a piece of rhizome of Ulearum from a friend in Switzerland!  It 
looks good, and I can see development on the one growing point that I can see, 
it has others that are buried. I am SO excited at FINALLY getting this 
All my Caladiums are doing well, and I`ll be taking a few to the show in 
I`m having a problem with my Dracontiums where the leaves rot at the base and 
fall off, then the entire tuber rots and dies.  I have laost a few to this 
recently.. I believe that "soil" burn is at least partially to blame for this 
and have to modify my mix.
Lets keep in touch--

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