Re: Amorphophallus growing season (was konjac ques.)

I've been reading for several days about your pending problems with the 
giant Arum.  Perhaps it was my original question (or Don's posting) that 
prompted you to send this note and start the flow it suggestions.  
You might like to know that I can effect the height of my A. Konjacs by 
almost a factor of 2 by the brightness of light.  On the off chance that 
your plant is in a darker area (in AZ???, right!!!!), I'd suggest that 
you get it into more light and even add some light.  My largest one is 6 
feet across but only 4 feet tall because it is in the direct sun for 5 
hours a day.  When I had it on the porch, it was not as far across or as 
thick a stem (by far) but it was taller.  Also, they only grew tall (and 
stocky) when I put them in a large pot (2 ft) and much richer soil.  Of 
course they didn't bloom either.  But a friend (who I gave a tuber to) 
had it in a smallish pot in the sun and didn't water as much.  Much to my 
surprise, he got a bloom this spring.
I expect to have a couple of tubers this fall which are about 1500-2000 
grams.  How big are the tubers you have been describing???

My problem, as you might remember, is a short growing season since the 
oldest tuber only got up in August.  I'm trying to extend the season by 
using 6 florescent bulbs over the plant from 6 to 10 PM.
As you might also recall, I have been looking for a A. Titanum for a 
couple of years with no luck.  On the chance that you might have a 
smaller tuber or offshoot that you could part with I thought I'd ask if 
you might consider a trade.  I know that you mentioned that you 
already had A. Konjac (probably coming out your ears) but I heard that 
they don't 'flower' in the south because of the hot weather.  I'd be very 
happy to trade one of mine which will almost certainly bloom. In fact, 
I'd even be happy to recharge it the next year for you if you send it 
back when it goes dormant.  

As for a Titanum, there are 2-3 greenhouses here that would be VERY 
pleased to babysit the Arum when it starts to frighten or attack my pets 
and friends.  The folks at the Rochester Civic Garden Center would be 
especially interested as I have donated several dozen tubers for their 
plant sale in the last few years and they seem very intrigued with the 
photos I send along to help sell them and the article that was in the 
paper when the last one bloomed.

In any case, this has been a realy interesting discussion.

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