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>>>From: (Dewey Fisk)
Subject: Large Plants

I think what everyone is refering to is the Talipot Palm... (Corypha
umbraculifera).  Exotica says   "The Talipot palm:  slow-growing to 100 ft.
high, with straight trunk and a great crown of fan-shaped, plaited bright
green leaves (each) about 12 ft. wide, on spiny stalks; pyrmidal terminal
inflorescence of creamy-white flowers and small olive-colored fruit; after
fruiting the tree will die"

Fairchild had one fruit a few years ago that was bout 75 years old.  It
produced many seed and when the trunk fell, it is said, that you could hear
it for a few miles..<<

I don`t believe that this is the Palm that Mark is talking about, as he says 
that the frond is 20 meters long (+ - 60 feet!!!)  I`d like to know more about 
this monster!!

>>Now, the inflorescence of the Talipot is the largest inflorescence....  But
who cares about palms....

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

Yes, and impressive it is!  A couple bloomed then died over a period of YEARS 
(!) near the Bot. Gardens in Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I. some years ago, and 
it was a sight to behold.  The palm "tree" and fronds are not execptional as 
far as size goes.

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