Re: A. konjac (was: Contractile Roots)

>>I noticed the other day that my smallish Konjac is now putting out a
>>secondary something. I am assuming it could only be a leaf. I thought
>>Konjac was known for having only one petiole per season.
>Not necessarily so. I have a tuber sitting in a tray with three equally
>sized growths coming at the same time.
A. konjac must be the clown of the Amophophallus tribe. One I have had for
years has acted in decidedly odd ways. I won't get into all that again,
except to say that after some rough times, this year I believe it has
decided to split into two. If you can go by top growth, then one of the
tubers will be almost the same size as the original and the other close to

Or maybe it just decided to put out two leaf petioles from one tuber? I
have given up second guessing this one. It is still in its pot; we'll see.

Kind Regards,


Rand Nicholson
New Brunswick
Maritime Canada, Z 5b

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