Re: A. konjac (was: Contractile Roots)

Dear Rand, 

     Amorphophallus konjac has been in cultivation as a food crop since 
very ancient times by the Asians. Most plants cultivated for such a long 
time lose their wild characteristics and start to behave oddly. You 
should never trust a food crop! 

Best wishes,


On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Rand Nicholson wrote:

> A. konjac must be the clown of the Amophophallus tribe. One I have had for
> years has acted in decidedly odd ways. I won't get into all that again,
> except to say that after some rough times, this year I believe it has
> decided to split into two. If you can go by top growth, then one of the
> tubers will be almost the same size as the original and the other close to
> it.
> Or maybe it just decided to put out two leaf petioles from one tuber? I
> have given up second guessing this one. It is still in its pot; we'll see.

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