Re: Dranunculus vulgaris Source & Related Question(s)

Hey, I had the same problem with Rob's Dracunculus...
Should it be some kind of botanical Jet-lag? Or maybe the Australian blues?


On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Doug Burdic wrote:

> Hello All,
> Last year I was fortunate enough to obtain some small Dranunculus
> vulgaris from Rob in Australia and since my first unsucessful season of
> growing them, I have searched the internet looking for answers as well
> as any source for more plants without any luck.(Rainforest Gardens in
> Canada sells them, but not to Oregon) Either I am not looking in the
> right place, or else there just isn't anything written about this plant
> on the net!? I did manage to find two beautiful pictures of  Dranunculus
> vulgaris along with a few words about the plant, but that is the extent
> of what I came up with while trying to answer my own questions. You can
> view these at the following URLs:
> My plants were potted in a sandy loam w/good drainage and lightly
> fertilized. Same basic treatment I gave all my Aroids which are doing
> great with this one problematic exception. The new leaves would elongate
> and then dry up before they opened.  The roots were checked and looked
> fine, with no insect or fungus problems on the rhizome(tuber,corm,?).
> Out of 9 shoots, only one actually formed a true 6" leaf(height not
> width). This week I excavated and removed the rhizome, fully expecting
> to find mush, but all appears healthy? In fact, there are several new,
> white lateral shoots that give all indication of beginning their spring
> growth!(?) I had been prepared to put this plant through the dry
> dormancy in my shop with the others, but am now having second thoughts
> since I would imagine this succulent new growth wouldn't survive.Should
> this be stored in sightly damp peat instead?  Any ideas, prayers or
> suggestions of what I did wrong & what should be done with these plants
> given the above information would be greatly appreciated, as well as any
> much needed cultural information you might have on this species.
> Finally, does anybody know of a commercial source for Dranunculus
> vulgaris or happen to have any larger ones that they would want to sell?
> I'm not obsessed with this plant...but close. 
> Apologize for the length of this post and thanks in advance for any
> information you can give me. 
> Best Wishes,
> Doug
> Doug Burdic

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