Largest Leaf

I have Raphia farinifera, the Raffia Palm, growing in my backyard, which
can get leaves over 20 metres long on a trunk up to 10 metres.
But what you are looking for is Raphia regalis, which is rarely cultivated.
PALMS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, by David Jones describes it as:  "This species
has the longest leaves of any palm and indeed the longest leaves of any
plant in the world. A specimen collected in the Congo was measured at 25.11
metres or about 75 feet. Of this, about one-third consisted of the petiole
and the rest was the rachis bearing the leaflets... This palm occurs
naturally in Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroon and the Congo. Plants are almost
stemless or have a short, stout trunk, each with few leaves."

Maybe I should plant my Am. titanum near the Raffia just to see which gets
full size the quickest!

Dewey, my vining aroids look their best when climbing a tall palm trunk.
(Palms are good for something)

Don Bittel

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