Re: "Genera of Araceae"

>>>>The only problem is we do not know exactly how much it will cost...  As
know, it is listed in the Brochure at 86.25 Pounds.....   Now, how that
translates to US Dollars now and if there will be a new exchange rate by
the end of Sept....  I don't know...  We will also have to add postage.<<<

'Genera of Araceae' at this time will cost $137.05 US dollars.   Here is a
money converter service that might come in handy in the future for anyone
needing to know.     <A HREF="">The Universal Curre
ncy Converter(tm)</A>.  Keep in mind that Dewey said there may be a new
exchange rate by the end of Sept, however this service will keep you updated.

This will at least give you an idea,
Sue Zunino

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