Re: Largest Leaf

Just to put in my own two cents I happen to be a palm fanatic as much as an
aroid fanatic! I so envy all you guys that live in the warm areas! 
At 09:41 AM 9/12/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I have Raphia farinifera, the Raffia Palm, growing in my backyard, which
>can get leaves over 20 metres long on a trunk up to 10 metres.
>But what you are looking for is Raphia regalis, which is rarely cultivated.
>PALMS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, by David Jones describes it as:  "This species
>has the longest leaves of any palm and indeed the longest leaves of any
>plant in the world. A specimen collected in the Congo was measured at 25.11
>metres or about 75 feet. Of this, about one-third consisted of the petiole
>and the rest was the rachis bearing the leaflets... This palm occurs
>naturally in Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroon and the Congo. Plants are almost
>stemless or have a short, stout trunk, each with few leaves."
>Maybe I should plant my Am. titanum near the Raffia just to see which gets
>full size the quickest!
>Dewey, my vining aroids look their best when climbing a tall palm trunk.
>(Palms are good for something)
>Don Bittel

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