Re: Dranunculus vulgaris Source & Related Question(s)

Doug Burdic wrote:

>Hello All,
>Last year I was fortunate enough to obtain some small Dranunculus
>vulgaris from Rob in Australia and since my first unsucessful season of
>growing them, I have searched the internet looking for answers as well
>as any source for more plants without any luck.
>The new leaves would elongate
>and then dry up before they opened.  The roots were checked and looked
>fine, with no insect or fungus problems on the rhizome(tuber,corm,?).
>Out of 9 shoots, only one actually formed a true 6" leaf(height not

Same here, except the leaves on my plants did open, however, many died back
after only a month or so. My plants are still growing and still (slooowly)
sending up few more leaves, but they never became robust as did my other
Aroid tubers. I only achieved a leaf height of about 10 cm.

>My plants were potted in a sandy loam w/good drainage and lightly

My plants were container planted in a soiless mix with added organic
compost and extra perlite for excellent drainage, but were not fertilized
at all.

>Any ideas, prayers or
>suggestions of what I did wrong & what should be done with these plants
>given the above information would be greatly appreciated, as well as any
>much needed cultural information you might have on this species.
>Doug Burdic

I ditto and double this plea for help.

Kind Regards,


Rand Nicholson
New Brunswick
Maritime Canada, Z 5b

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