Re: Monstera warmingii

Further to my message on Monstera warmingii.  I looked further in 
Tropica and found Philodendron warmingii - which looked very similar 
to my "M. warmingii" except that it appeared (from the not very good 
photo) to grow as a rosette, rather than a rambling vine.

> I recently bought a plant labelled as Monstera warmingii.  It is a 
> vine with long internodes, smallish lanceolate leaves lightly 
> splashed cream.  No perforations in the leaves.
> I couldn't find it in Tropica, or on the IAS web pages.  Is there 
> such a species or is it really something else?  All information 
> gratefully received.
> Nick Miller
> Rotorua, New Zealand

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