RE: Grocery store aroids

From: on behalf of John Mood
Sent: 	Sunday, September 21, 1997 7:43 PM
Subject: 	Re: Grocery store aroids

>I found some bulbs bigger than a softball in a bin with some Taro roots
>at the local grocery. I
>peeled off a sticker that had the food name on it and promptly lost it on
>the way home.
>The bulb/corm/tuber? was very symetrical, smooth, tan in color, sort of
>more pointed on top and more flattened on the bottom. There appeared to
>be circular marks like meridians around it but not really very distinct.
>I got the impression that it is a West Indian food.
>My curiosity is killing me. I think I'd recognize the name. Do you have
>any suggestions?
>>If this is not an aroid, then possibly Pachyrhizus erosus, Yam bean, a
legume tuber used throughout the tropics.  It is white inside, crisp, and
slightly sweet.  The vine is not unlike other beans and the seed poisonous.

Your local ethnobotanist,
John Mood<<

Dear Ray,
When you determine what the tuber is/was, and tell us how it grew/tasted, give 
us an I.D. please.

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