Germinating Anthurium Seed


I use the same tricks that Dewey does and it never fails to work. 
Usually, for a container I will use the clear plastic candy/bakery goods 
containers that come from the local grocery - the containers that have 
the lid with a hinge. I use my regular potting medium and keep it almost 
to the point that it is wet. Usually I'll put enough water in the medium 
so that if I added any more I could pour it out. I keep the lid nearly 
closed until I see germination occuring. During the cooler winter weather 
the lid stays closed to maintain a higher temperature.

With respect to light, anything I germinate sees the normal day/night 
light cycle.  But the containers are kept out of direct sunlight.

I just paged through Deno's two published studies to see what he has to 
say about photo effects on germination.  He has a lot to say about 
response to light, or lack of it, but he has yet to experiment with 
Anthurium or other aroids for that matter.


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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