Re: Germinating Anthurium Seed

At 09:46 PM 9/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I use the same tricks that Dewey does and it never fails to work. 
>Usually, for a container I will use the clear plastic candy/bakery goods 
>containers that come from the local grocery - the containers that have 
>the lid with a hinge. I use my regular potting medium and keep it almost 
>to the point that it is wet. Usually I'll put enough water in the medium 
>so that if I added any more I could pour it out. I keep the lid nearly 
>closed until I see germination occuring. During the cooler winter weather 
>the lid stays closed to maintain a higher temperature.
>With respect to light, anything I germinate sees the normal day/night 
>light cycle.  But the containers are kept out of direct sunlight.

Then I guess I'm the guinea pig. I know I can germinate them with light.
We'll see if the light covering of leaf mold makes a difference. (The seeds
are sown in pots and the entire pot put inside a large ziplock bag. The top
is folded over (not sealed). Earlier sowings have germinated well under
these conditions and the plants can grow to a good size before they are
hardened off).


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