Re: Anthurium seed

>>I have a question: Is light required for germination of these seeds? I
>>lightly covered the second and third pots and it seems the seed is taking
>>longer to germinate.
>I put the seed on top of the media surface...  Sometimes pressing them down
>even with the surface with a finger - either that or I 'water them in'.  I
>think that light helps.  Consider how it would be done in nature....  seeds
>fall off on the ground and the ants eat the berry - leaving the seed
>exposed.....  Or... the birds distribute them in their elimination...  but
>that is covered (probably).  The best thing to do is experiment with the
>light you have...  some seeds in one pot and some in another...
>Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut

I pretty much have to echo Dewey. This my second go at germinating
Anthurium seed. The first time I simply put them (Anthurium andreanum x)in
a plastic bag with sphagnum moss and had 10 out of 12 seeds germinate.

This batch of much smaller seeds ("Blueberry" Anthurium)I took off the
paper they were gummed on to by dipping my fingers in the moist seedling
mix and gently rubbing my fingers over the tissue until I picked up some
seed, then rubbed my fingers together until the soil (and seed) fell onto
the surface of the mix in the pot. This was much easier than trying to pick
them off one by one; they were pretty gummy and I did not want them to dry
out. After I had all the seeds spread out on the mix surface (more or less;
some were buried, some not), I watered them in and misted with No-Damp, a

This was a few days ago and it looks as though there is going to be a very
high rate of germination as the little sprouts are coming up now. The seed
pot is placed near a bright eastern window, but not in it, and covered with
clear plastic.

Hope this helps,

Kind Regards,


Rand Nicholson
New Brunswick
Maritime Canada, Z 5b

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