Lasiomorpha senegalensis


> For those of us who have not seen this water dweller, there are photos on our
> aroid pages.  In the Genera of Araceae long list  under "Lasiomorpha", and
> recently David Scherberich posted photos #134 a, b, c, and d in the I.D.
> section.  By the way, I believe that I posted a note to Aroid-l giving the
> I.D. of these plant photos, was it posted?  I don`t remember seeing it.

I don't think it was posted as I didn't see it, but I take note of your
identification. Thank you very much. I'm not sure but it was also known as
Cyrtosperma senegalensis, am I wrong ?

By the way, #134 d isn't Lasiomorpha senegalensis, I have no name on it but
it is a Philo. species from french guiana.



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