RE: Lasiomorpha senegalensis

From: on behalf of David SCHERBERICH
Sent: 	Sunday, September 21, 1997 7:39 PM
Subject: 	Lasiomorpha senegalensis


> For those of us who have not seen this water dweller, there are photos on 
> aroid pages.  In the Genera of Araceae long list  under "Lasiomorpha", and
> recently David Scherberich posted photos #134 a, b, c, and d in the I.D.
> section.  By the way, I believe that I posted a note to Aroid-l giving the
> I.D. of these plant photos, was it posted?  I don`t remember seeing it.

I don't think it was posted as I didn't see it, but I take note of your
identification. Thank you very much. I'm not sure but it was also known as
Cyrtosperma senegalensis, am I wrong ?

By the way, #134 d isn't Lasiomorpha senegalensis, I have no name on it but
it is a Philo. species from french guiana.



Dear David,
A. Hay did a paper, "Cyrtosperma (Araceae) and its Old World Allies" in Blumea 
33 (1988) 427-469 and "sraightens" out the names/relations. It was discribed 
as Lasiomorpha by Schott in 1857, then Engler put in into Cyrtosperma in 1879, 
and now Hay has determined that it is not a Cyrtosperma and is in a Genus of 
its own, and I agree with him after I`ve grown it for a few years.  I have 
just been sucessful in hand pollenating two blooms on my plants, so will have 
seed available of this wonderful plant in the near future if no catastrophe 
befalls the developing fruit!
Did you see any seed on the plants that you photographed?
Keep in touch.

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