Re: Alocasia cormels

Dear Gabe,
    At this point I don't have anything to trade....except Lysichiton
americanum seeds, but I would love to have a piece of your Alocasia.  I have
just purchased my first two Alocacias from a local grocery store.  One looks
a lot like yours as far as the contrast of green leaf and white venation, but
the leaves are a bit more pointed and narrower in the anterior lobe.  The
leaf area looks shrink-wraped around it's veins, and is shiny as though they
had been polished.  The other plant has a silver look to it, and is almost a
flat green with the same white mid-veins, but also has tiny silver sub-veins
in between the main veins giving it a look, here and there, of turtle backs.
The leaves are shaped a bit different than my other one and different from
the ones you mentioned on line.  In the store, these had only a sign up in
front of them saying ' African Mask' even though they are different.  At any
rate, I would love to have another to add to my collection of two.  I hope
I'm not too late.  If you would like to try some Lysichiton americanum seeds,
let me know.  Even if you are out of Alocacia corms, let me know and I will
send some to you.
I'm getting too awfully used to this begging stuff!  Hopefully soon, I too
will have some pieces of something to share. 
Thank you,

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