Alocasia cormels

Hello all,
I just repotted my Alocasia micholitziana 'Frydek' (no not the
variegated one) and have a few cormels from it to give or hopefully
trade. I have a few questions about this plant so please read on even if
your not interested in getting one. 

I'm only calling it A. Frydek because it looks exactly like a picture on
Lester Kallus's web page which he has labled so, the picture's URL is Another picture of
a very similar looking plant can be seen at (Krzysztof Kozminski's pic) this one is
labled A. 'Green Velvet'. Mine was only labled A. micholitziana, but I'm
told it's not and I've seen pictures that seem to confirm that it isn't.
What should I call it? 

Would it be best to wait to send the cormels until it gets warmer (the
nights are getting pretty cold around here). Am I corect in calling the
tuber-like organs cormels? 

Forgive me for getting so excited over this supposedly common plant, (I
have yet to see it at any common place around here- Home Depot etc.)
It's just that this is the first Aroid I have been able to offer for
trade or to give away; I have received my share of freebies via internet
should someone want this plant and have nothing to trade I'll be more
than happy to share.

Gabe Thomas

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