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From: on behalf of eduardo gomes goncalves
Sent: 	Monday, September 22, 1997 6:30 PM
Subject: 	Re: Repeat on Lasiomorpha

On Sun, 21 Sep 1997, Julius Boos wrote:

> (...)   What I`m rambling on about is that in at least some of the 
> Lasiinae the smaller,"weaker"(?) plants will put out an infloresence, but it 

> seems that the sole function of this smaller-than-usual bloom is to 
> it`s genes into the pool soley as pollen, and that it does not or is 
> of probucing seed.  I`ve observed this in Dracontium, Anaphyllopsis, 
> Urospatha, and am presently waiting to see what happens with my Lasiomorpha. 
> It would seem (to me at least!) a perfectly "sensible" strategy for a 
> plant,either too small (weak) to as yet support the long period of seed 
> development, OR weakened by circumstances, and perhaps soon to die, to 
> contribute as quickly as possible it`s genes into the gene pool as pollen! 
> What do all of you "lurkers" out there think?
> Cheers,


     I have seen the same phenomenon with my Anthuriums here. Young 
plants use to fail to produce seeds. It is a sharp strategy, because 
pollen is quite cheap energetically. There is a high energy cost 
associated with fruit, seed coat, endosperm development, etc. Older 
plants are usually better stablished and have energy enough to waste in 
seed production. I do think that this strategy is quite common in the 
Araceae. In fact, some genera (like Arisaema) seem take it too seriously...

Best wishes,


Dera Eduardo,
Thanks for you comments.  Hopefully someone will publish something on this one 
of these days!?

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