Re: Repeat on Lasiomorpha

On Sun, 21 Sep 1997, Julius Boos wrote:

> (...)   What I`m rambling on about is that in at least some of the 
> Lasiinae the smaller,"weaker"(?) plants will put out an infloresence, but it 
> seems that the sole function of this smaller-than-usual bloom is to contribute 
> it`s genes into the pool soley as pollen, and that it does not or is incapable 
> of probucing seed.  I`ve observed this in Dracontium, Anaphyllopsis, 
> Urospatha, and am presently waiting to see what happens with my Lasiomorpha.  
> It would seem (to me at least!) a perfectly "sensible" strategy for a 
> plant,either too small (weak) to as yet support the long period of seed 
> development, OR weakened by circumstances, and perhaps soon to die, to 
> contribute as quickly as possible it`s genes into the gene pool as pollen! 
> What do all of you "lurkers" out there think?
> Cheers,


     I have seen the same phenomenon with my Anthuriums here. Young 
plants use to fail to produce seeds. It is a sharp strategy, because 
pollen is quite cheap energetically. There is a high energy cost 
associated with fruit, seed coat, endosperm development, etc. Older 
plants are usually better stablished and have energy enough to waste in 
seed production. I do think that this strategy is quite common in the 
Araceae. In fact, some genera (like Arisaema) seem take it too seriously...

Best wishes,


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