Re: Archives available?

It would be easy to do and it's a free service.  All youhave to do is add the
address: as a member and the lists will be automatically
archived.  I wanted to research some prior information.

Don Burns wrote:

> On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Diana Pederson wrote:
> > Is this list archived somewhere so I can do some research on
> > previous posts?
> >
> Diana,
> The answer is no, that is unless someone out there on the list has been
> archiving. We had some debate on this subject almost a year ago, and if I
> recall correctly more were for than against.  But most list members
> abstained through silence.
> I personally like the idea of archiving.  Archiving a list such as
> Aroid-L has many practical benefits. But there are those, and I respect
> their rights, who object because of personal privacy issues, and some
> even are concerned with issues of copyright.
> We have a standing offer from one particular web site to archive
> Aroid-L. In fact, I believe the individual who has made the offer will
> even agree to making the link invisible so a user can access the archive
> only if he/she knows the URL.
> Don
> Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

Diana Pederson, Zone 5, Michigan

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