A continuation of Tom and Pete's Trip

Thanks Steve, 
	It was great to hear that you had such a fine time at Mobot.  I
also did when I visited there.  Tom, Peter and Jill arrived in Tampa about
7 pm on tuesday (they spent monday at the Atlanta Botanical Garden)  and
spent two nights at our house with Joyce and I.  We talked late into the
night on tuesday and on wednesday it was PLANT day.  Peter went through my
greenhouse and labeled all the Asian aroids while Tom worked through the
120 or so Anthuriums that I brought back from a collecting trip to Ecuador
last March.
 	After lunch we drove over to Lynn Hannon's house to see all her material
(she joined me on the Ecuador excursion) and at 3 pm we all rushed over to
the University where Peter gave a wonderful presentation on ALL the genera
of the Araceae.  His slides covered 102 of the 105 genera currently
recognized and we saw excellent photos of the infloresences of each genus. 
(AWESOME!)  After dinner we drove to the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy the
sunset on top of a three story restaurant.  We arrived home at 11 pm and
since I had an 8 am. class, I left early.  I went back home at 9:30 to get
my office keys (horrible as I could not get my lecture notes)  and there
were Tom, Peter and Jill.  Tom had lost the key to his car and so after a
phone call to the dealer in St. Louis and a trip to the locksmith
(fortunately Joyce had not yet gone off to work) the car was loaded and
off they went. 
	The plan is for them to spend today at Selby Gardens in Sarasota.
and it will be off to Miami tomorrow.

For those of you attending the meeting in Miami, you are in for a real
treat.  Please be sure to meet Peter and Jill as they are wonderful,
friendly people.  We feel honored that the three of them were able to
spend some time with us.

Dewey, please reserve 2 (two) copies of the book for me.  Thanks.

Greetings to all,  Dick

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