Further adventures in the Croat and Boyce road trip

I guess I should add some notes to the continuing saga as Tom, Peter and Jill
make their way to Miami. They arrived at Selby just around noon today
(Thursday). Because Tom had lost his car keys somewhere between Dick
Mansell's house and Lynn Hannon's, they arrived later than expected. They
also managed to get turned around just as they neared Sarasota, and headed
back towards Tampa by mistake! 

For the rest of their trip, Peter is in charge of the keys!

Nethertheless, they arrived at Selby in time for a quick lunch and an
afternoon spent looking at plants. There is nothing I enjoy more than to go
through our plant collections with an aroid taxonomist, and this day I had
two! Peter is very familiar with the Asian taxa and added much to my meager
knowledge of these groups. He was able to identify many plants that have long
been unknowns here at Selby. Tom always finds something new everytime he
visits and he made many photos and pressed a few specimens for future
reference. We spent a very pleasant evening at a local resturant. I hope to
get a few moments with them early tomorrow morning before they head down I-75
to John Banta's and then on to Miami and Fairchild Tropical Gardens tomorrow

Peter is keenly interested that they will be headed in the right direction in
the morning.

I'm sure everyone attending will delight in their company at this year's
annual IAS show in Miami. I am among those eagerly anticipating getting my
personal copy of "The Book"!

Donna Atwood
Selby Gardens 

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