Re: Dracunculus vulgaris

Dear Aroid-L and International Bulb Society (address deleted)
	There has been a few comments on the International Bulb Society
email robin about the foliage patterns of  Dracunculus vulgaris. I hope
both Aroid -L and the International Bulb Society can shed some light on
foliage patterns in this species. Can anyone comment?
	Is the amount of white/silver in the foliage
	-	genetically stable or variable?
	-	related to geographic origin?
	-	found in specific patterns?
	-	associated with named forms?
	-	coorelated with spathe colors?

I quote:
	Some "Dracunculus vulgaris have green leaves or are ... marked with
white/silver.  Which is "typical"?
		J. Waddick

	"Both plain green and silver-streaked leaves are typical of
Dracunculus vulgaris; the degree of streaking varies quite a lot and some
clones are very well marked indeed.
	I believe that I'm right in saying that most Dracunculus in
commerce (at least in the past) have been wild collected and therefore the
cultivated stock is very variable, unlike the grim uniformity of most bulbs
propagated commercially.

		J. Grimshaw

	Thanks for input		Jim Waddick

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