A. konjac

Hi all!

I am so excited I just had to share this with you. I have just dug up my 
Amorphophallus konjac for its winter rest as usual; although it has always 
grown well and produced a reasonable sized tuber (and even flowered once) it 
has never gone on to really large growth. I have read the postings about 
leaving room below for the new tuber to grow and have always been careful to 
give it a large pot with plenty of depth, but the tubers never got 
much larger than my fist. However, I noticed that the many offsets it made 
always ended up cramped at the edges and began to wonder about sideways space 
as well. So as an experiment I gave it this year the largest tub I could find 
- nearly two feet across - and place it outdoors for the summer. It grew 
fantastically well and now it has made a tuber nearly three times its normal 
size! over 6 inches across and about 3 pounds in weight. I realize there are 
much larger plants around but for me this is a  tremendous improvement. It 
also has the flower spike pushing up immediately after the growth so I look 
forward to a towering flower spike as well.

So perhaps if your plants are not producing large tubers you might try giving 
it lots of room around the tuber as well as below and perhaps this will work 
for you as well. Compost used was plain ordinary houseplant compost and I 
feed it regularly throughout the growing season with LOTS of water.



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