Archives available?

>From: Don Burns <>
>Subject: Re: Archives available?
>Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 13:01:27 -0500
> On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Diana Pederson wrote:
> > Is this list archived somewhere so I can do some research on
> > previous posts?
> >
> Diana,
> The answer is no, that is unless someone out there on the list has been
> archiving. We had some debate on this subject almost a year ago, and if I
> recall correctly more were for than against.  But most list members
> abstained through silence.
> I personally like the idea of archiving.  Archiving a list such as
> Aroid-L has many practical benefits. But there are those, and I respect
> their rights, who object because of personal privacy issues, and some
> even are concerned with issues of copyright.

I had mentioned this to the group previously (when this subject was
first discussed) that I personally archive all AROID-L postings that
come my way (just as I do other for other lists).  In this way I can
be very casual about deleting items since I can find them again if I
wish (keeps the mailbox cleaned out!).  If these archives would be
of use to anyone, I'm happy to provide them.  They are not in any
form that would be available over the internet, but if someone would
like to do that work, I have the raw material.

Mallorn Computing does archive some lists (I don't recall if AROID-L
is among them) on a Web Page.  They keep them in their original
form, stating the author and context in which the postings were
made.  There has been a lot of fuss over copyrights, etc. regarding
Mallorn's Site.  I do not see that they are 'ripping off' anyone,
and they provide a valuable service to listgroups such as our who
would like easy access to archive data.  They currently archive the
Medit-Plants discussion which I started a few years ago, and some
members find it very useful.

If people are very concerned about copyright infringement, then they
should not post to internet discussion groups until such time as the
laws and regulations of this medium become stable (probably a very
long way off).  If there are people concerned about privacy, then
the internet is not the place to be (there isn't really any privacy
to speak of, even if there is a perception of privacy).

I generally assume that most of the people I deal with on this
electronic medium are primarily interested in the dissemination of
good information, as I am.  This mode of communication is very well
suited to this goal and providing access to archives of lists is
certainly in line such a concept.  I have never understood why some
become upset or concerned about this issue - it is only logical that
such access would be of interest and is appropriate for the same
reasons which prompted the creation of a list in the first place.

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