Re: Archives available?

Dear Sean,

>>>>I had mentioned this to the group previously (when this subject was
first discussed) that I personally archive all AROID-L postings that
come my way (just as I do other for other lists).  In this way I can
be very casual about deleting items since I can find them again if I
wish (keeps the mailbox cleaned out!).  If these archives would be
of use to anyone, I'm happy to provide them.  They are not in any
form that would be available over the internet, but if someone would
like to do that work, I have the raw material.<<<<<

  How do you archive your notes so that your mail cabinet is empty?  I have
all of my notes from the list, as well as all others, from Feb. up to today,
curently in my cabinet and I think it interferes with the speed my computer
runs at.  Does archiving help speed up the computer?  Closing down my
'Personal Filing Cabinet'  takes quite a while now, as well as signing on to
AOL, because it has to load up the file cabinet when I sign on.
Sue Zunino

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