Re:Kaichen Arisaema

Guy & Ray:

I received 6 species of arisaema from Kaichen. They were planted into
frozen ground 6" deep in November. After that date we had a mild winter,
maybe one day of -10 degrees F, the rest cold but warmer. No arisaema from
Kaichen made it up. I blamed it on the possibility that the package had
been frozen, since it was placed on our road mailbox in +24 F weather, but
all of the corms looked solid and clean. Other plants from Kaichen have
thrived. 3 of 4 cypripediums are up and looking healthy. 2 of 3 Lilium
gloriosoides are up with one flower bud on each. The first opened yesterday
with a white flower, heavily spotted with carmine in its flat center, the
outer half of each petal unspotted and strongly reflexed, shaped like the
gloriosa "lily". This is by far the latest blooming lily I have seen.

Iza Goroff
Whitewater Wisconsin zone 4b (usually)

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