Green Gonatopus Flower

Hello all,
My green Gonatopus has just put out it's first flower. This is a huge plant
that has been getting bigger each year, and this is it's first and only
flower. The plant has about 30 stems and went dormant last spring when the
G. boivinii were coming up and flowering. It has come out of dormancy just
in the past month. 

The flower is much different from the boivinii flowers. This one has a
purple base to the spathe, and then a solid pale green top. The purple base
is only 1inch and the green portion is 8 inches. The white spadix is 0.5
inches diameter, and about 7 inches long. The top of the spathe is fused
together below the top of the spadix. 

With the spadix almost as long as the spathe, it is much different than my
boivinii types which have a very short spadix and a spathe about 2 to 3
times longer.
The flower stalk or peduncle is longer on the green form, but the leaf is
about 82 inches and still growing! I call this type 'Jolly Green Giant'.
This plant originally came from Scott Hyndman and was his mother plant.

I have 2 different types of Gonatopus boivinii. The form with a very light
green spathe has a dark leafstem banded with purple and grey. The other
form has a very dark spathe, covered with purple, and has a very light grey
leafstem. I call this one 'Grey Ghost'. This form seems to have the colors
reversed from the first form.
So is this 'Jolly Green Giant' a separate species? Is Bogner on aroid-l?

Don Bittel
Palm City, Florida

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