Alocasia Elaine and A. Quilted Dreams

     Dear All,
     Alocasia Elaine, I have come to the conclusion, is an especially nice 
     form of Alocasia reginae N.E. Brown, which is a rare species known 
     botanically from only three collections in Sarawak and Central 
     A question: The plant that David Burnett called Alocasia Quilted 
     Dreams (Aroideana 7 (1984) fig. 33) and which he said was also known 
     as Alocasia Hawaii, is supposed to have come from the Philippines. Can 
     anyone verify this??
     The reason why I ask is because Alocasia sinuata N.E. Brown is known 
     botanically only from the Type specimen which N.E. Brown made at Kew. 
     This plant was obtained from the British nurseryman William Bull last 
     century and Bull had said it had come from the Philippines, but he was 
     not always accurate/truthful(?!) about the origin of his plants. There 
     is no preserved botanical material collected from the wild in the 
     Philippines (or anywhere else, that I know of) that matches A. sinuata 
     at all, but the photograph in Burnett of Quilted Dreams/Hawaii appears 
     to be extremely similar to the Type of A. sinuata. If it can be 
     verified that Quilted Dreams/Hawaii came from the Philippines, this 
     would pretty much corroborate the original claim that A. sinuata came 
     from the Philippines too - which would tie up a loose end.
     Hope someone can help....
     Alistair Hay

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