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Subject: Newsletter

Dear Dewey,

    I have some information that I would like to include in the=20
Newsletter. In july, here in Brazil, we had the 4th Meeting of=20
specialists in Araceae. We made an abstract of the meeting, presenting=20
all specialists, who=B4s studying what, etc. It is in Portuguese, but I=20
can translate it to English. My English isnt quite as good as it should=20
be, but I think I can put two words together!  =20
I am waiting for your opinion.=20
                                    Best wishes,


>Attention *everyone*!!!
>We would like to have someone write a chatty sort of colum for the
>Newsletter.  Most of the material would be on aroid-l and I would=20
>more information as it became available to me.  Others would, I am=20
>send information to be included in this type of column... Something=20
>the coming and goings of people, growing of unusual plants, who bloomed
>what and how....  This would be something of a 'gossip column' with=20
>good things said.   This is not a request for an accomplished writer.
>Anyone that can put two words together is certainly qualified.  This=20
>only be four times a year.
>Anyone interested, please send me or Dr. Thompson a private e-mail...
>Certainly would be appreciated.
>Several of you have asked how you could get involved with the IAS.... =20
>is one way!!
>Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
>Your Source for Tropical Araceae

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