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From: Wilbert Hetterscheid <>
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Date: Monday, September 14, 1998 10:43 AM
Subject: RE: Taccarum


Since Eduardo wants to hear from taccarophiles, well, here's one! Of
course this is because T. weddellianum has an Amorphophallus-like
leaf...(sort of). I have two different clones of T. weddellianum, one
consistently considerably larger than the other. The large one produces
one or two inflors at the same time every year and the spadix grows up
to a meter or slightly more. This year and last year we fertilised it
and successfully grew enormous infructescences. This year we have a
ripening one again and all of you who want seeds, please email me
privately ( can probably distribute them along with this
year's phalloid-sales, later.

The tubers of my clones do occasionally produce offsets though never

I am also the proud owner of T. cardenasianum, which Eduardo is looking
for, but I am already discussing this with him (we have some rare Andean
refuge areas here in Holland................)..

In general the whole alliance of Spathicarpeae is fantastic. Gorgonidium
is also a prize to have. I have already distributed some spare material
of G. vermicidum a while ago. I hope it is growing everywhere I sent it.
I do have two other Gorgonidium species but they have not yet flowered.

Less impressive but interesting to have is Asterostigma, also
Spathicarpeae alliance. The inflors are not too impressive though. I
have A. peruvianum growing.

Spathantheum is nice too. I have S. intermedium and S. orbignyanum but
the last one is a bitch to grow. Anyone having any advice on growing S.

I am now awaiting an offset tuber of Synandrospadix of Steve Marak's
clone. Mine doesn't offset.

As you all can see, there's enough tuberous fun to be had with

Cheers all,

Dear Wilbert, I am using the list to inform you that I tried sending a note
to your private address (above) and it was sent back to me by the post
master.  I have sent it again, and we shall see if it goes through this

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