Alocaisa macrorhiza fruit/seed question

To aroid-L,

Can one of you advise me?  I just noticed yesterday that one of the
"pods" at
the base of an earlier bloom on one my Alocasia macrorhizas just split
open, sort
of like a banana peeled back.  Inside, there is a brownish corn-cob
appearing structure 
with a few bright red-orange berries.  I assume these are the "fruit"
and I'm hoping they 
will contain seeds.

What should I do since I'm afraid a bird or something else may try to
eat these?  In fact, I already
suspect something has attempted this, since there are only a few
"berries" on one
side and at the base on the "corn cob" thing.   Are these ready for
harvest now or
should I leave the fruit undisturbed, perhaps with a bag over it?  When
should I harvest?
Once harvested, when should I sow the seeds?

By the way, this particular plant is several years old.  I've had most
of my Alocasias,
Colocasias and Xanthosomas bloom from time to time, but this is the
first time I've
ever observed these bright red/orange berries.


Clarence Hester

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