IAS Show and Sale

Ever been between a rock and a hard place?

That is the position that the IAS finds itself in this Monday evening.  We
have Hurricane Georges that looks like it might be heading our way without
any steering currents to drive it away.  It is on a northwest course which
would put it somewhere over Cuba or just south of Miami.  Now, even if the
eye of Hurricane Georges did not pass near Miami, we would still get
torrential rains and lots of high winds.  This would not be condusive for a
Plant Show.

So, plans for the Show have been put on "Hold and Counting" until Thursday
morning.  Keep your eyes turned to your TV's and I will give you the final
word, hopefully, on Thursday morning.  If we have to cancel the whole
thing...  it will be most dissappointing for all of us.

If you have any questions....  please contact me direct at my new e-mail
address <plantnut@macconnect.com>.  I will do my best to help.

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
Your Source for Tropical Araceae

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