Book on Amorphophallus titanum


Just published:

Barthlott, W. & W. Lobin (eds.), 1998. Amorphophallus titanum. Tropische
und subtropische Pflanzenwelt 99: 1 - 225. 

Whaddayaknow! A book of 225 pages solely devoted to A.
titanum!!!!!!!!.O.k., so much for euphoria. There is one drawback for a
great part of this world, namely that several chapters are in German,
few in English. Those in German have an English summary and conversely
the English one a German summary. Let me give you the contents and I
have the German titles translated for you as best I can:

Introduction (Barthlott & Lobin, in German)
History of Amorphophallus titanum (Hetterscheid)
Biogeography (Hetterscheid & Ittenbach)
Morphology: - genus morphology (Ittenbach, in German)
                   - Amorphophallus titanum (Hetterscheid)
                   - dimensions and weights (Boecker, in German)
Anatomy of the flowering spadix (Boecker, in German)
Biomechanics of the appendix: mechanical importance of aerenchyma
Anatomical studies of the spathe (Napp-Zinn & Schererhoff, in German)
Morphological and anatomical studies of the flowers (Boecker, Wolter &
Napp-Zinn, in German)
Micromorphology of the inflorescence (Neinhuis & Wolter, in German)
Pollen morphology (Borsch & Wolter, in German)
Growth & temperature (Ittenbach, Lobin, Neumann, Porembski & Wolter, 
Respiration and the distribution of carbohydrates and minerals (Baumann,
Knoche & Noga, in German)
Ultrastructure of the spadix-appendix cells during anthesis (Buchen)
Comparative studies of the respiratory pathways in isolated mitochondria
of 	the spadix of tropical Araceae: is Amorphophallus titanum an
exception? (Brinkmann, Duechting & Henker, in German)
Ecology and reproductive biology (Hetterscheid)
Cultivation (Hetterscheid, Koenen, Lobin, Ittenbach & Neumann)
Vegetative propagation through tissue culture (Kohlenbach, in German)
Aspects of conservation (Hetterscheid)

And thus endeth 225 pages devoted to ONE SINGLE botanical species!!
Quite an achievement.

As you all can see, there are quite some technical chapters in it. It is
indeed primarily a scientific publication. So, to everyone the decision
if he/she wants it. Since I don't know how to get this book from the
publisher directly, I think it would be an idea that somebody on aroid-l
might try a bulk order (if there is a bulk of interested people) and ask
Prof. Barthlott to arrange it with the publisher. Bathlott's adaress is:

Prof. Dr. W. Barthlott
Botanisches Institut und Botanischer Garten
Meckenheimer Allee 170
D-53115 Bonn

Cheers all,

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