Re: Book on Amorphophallus titanum

Thanks for the info.! Now, how can we get a copy?

Sue Haffner
> Titanophiles,
> Just published:
> Barthlott, W. & W. Lobin (eds.), 1998. Amorphophallus titanum. Tropische
> und subtropische Pflanzenwelt 99: 1 - 225. 
> Whaddayaknow! A book of 225 pages solely devoted to A.
> titanum!!!!!!!!.O.k., so much for euphoria. There is one drawback for a
> great part of this world, namely that several chapters are in German,
> few in English. Those in German have an English summary and conversely
> the English one a German summary. Let me give you the contents and I
> have the German titles translated for you as best I can:
> Introduction (Barthlott & Lobin, in German)
> History of Amorphophallus titanum (Hetterscheid)
> Biogeography (Hetterscheid & Ittenbach)
> Morphology: - genus morphology (Ittenbach, in German)
>                    - Amorphophallus titanum (Hetterscheid)
>                    - dimensions and weights (Boecker, in German)
> Anatomy of the flowering spadix (Boecker, in German)
> Biomechanics of the appendix: mechanical importance of aerenchyma
> (Hejnowicz)
> Anatomical studies of the spathe (Napp-Zinn & Schererhoff, in German)
> Morphological and anatomical studies of the flowers (Boecker, Wolter &
> Napp-Zinn, in German)
> Micromorphology of the inflorescence (Neinhuis & Wolter, in German)
> Pollen morphology (Borsch & Wolter, in German)
> Growth & temperature (Ittenbach, Lobin, Neumann, Porembski & Wolter, 
> 								in
> german)
> Respiration and the distribution of carbohydrates and minerals (Baumann,
> Knoche & Noga, in German)
> Ultrastructure of the spadix-appendix cells during anthesis (Buchen)
> Comparative studies of the respiratory pathways in isolated mitochondria
> of 	the spadix of tropical Araceae: is Amorphophallus titanum an
> exception? (Brinkmann, Duechting & Henker, in German)
> Ecology and reproductive biology (Hetterscheid)
> Cultivation (Hetterscheid, Koenen, Lobin, Ittenbach & Neumann)
> Vegetative propagation through tissue culture (Kohlenbach, in German)
> Aspects of conservation (Hetterscheid)
> Literature
> And thus endeth 225 pages devoted to ONE SINGLE botanical species!!
> Quite an achievement.
> As you all can see, there are quite some technical chapters in it. It is
> indeed primarily a scientific publication. So, to everyone the decision
> if he/she wants it. Since I don't know how to get this book from the
> publisher directly, I think it would be an idea that somebody on aroid-l
> might try a bulk order (if there is a bulk of interested people) and ask
> Prof. Barthlott to arrange it with the publisher. Bathlott's adaress is:
> Prof. Dr. W. Barthlott
> Botanisches Institut und Botanischer Garten
> Meckenheimer Allee 170
> D-53115 Bonn
> Germany
> Cheers all,
> Wilbert

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