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RE: Progress on the garden wall

Theresa: Oh, could you let me come and help plant something? anything?
:-) With about 7 inches of snow on the ground from a weekend long
snowstorm, it now feels like a proper midwest winter here...but it has
also gotten darned cold...temps. in the single digits with winds 10-20
mph thereby dropping the windchill down into below zero temps...brrr!!!!
Probability for more snow later in the week, but just a little. Your
pictures were great...it is always so wonderful to see what people on
this list are working on in their own gardens. My husband and I have
long been talking about putting in a retaining wall along our front
sidewalk and this spring will probably be our year to do this
project...won't be as extensive a job as yours and the wall will most
likely be lower but you've provided some great inspiration, so thanks a

Melody, IA (Z 5/4)

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious."    
--Albert Einstein

 --- On Sun 01/04, Theresa < tchessie@comcast.net > wrote:
From: Theresa [mailto: tchessie@comcast.net]
To: gardenchat@hort.net
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 09:25:18 -0800
Subject: RE: [CHAT] Progress on the garden wall

Ok- I'm glad it isn't snowing here ( although I would like it to
snow<br>occassionally). Since we've been doing 2 major projects at once
(garden<br>wall and wood laminate flooring), the wall has taken more
time that I<br>planned. It didn't help that both my husband and I were
sick the end of Nov,<br>I was in TX for a week and then sick again when
I got home. But... water<br>under the bridge- It is going to be sunny
again today and I'm going to plant<br>some plants ( and move others). I
need to move a couple roses out front-<br>they are too shaded from a
tree in the back yard now. My Mr. Lincoln rose<br>keeps stretching for
sunlight!!! Also, I have a couple of salvia varieties<br>that need to
move too, and a "sticky monkey flower" (can't recall it's real<br>name),
and a foam flower, that just wants a better home (away from the
bird<br>feeder). I've got a good idea that I'm going to plant alot and
move<br>somethings, but one stuff starts to fill in, I'll be rearranging
things<br>again. That and I'm guessing about sunlight levels, since
there are minimal<br>leaves on the trees and the sun is at a totally
different angle now than in<br>the summer.<br>Time to go put on lots of
clothes and start planning to plant.<br><br>Theresa<br><br>-----Original
Message-----<br>From: owner-gardenchat@hort.net
[mailto:owner-gardenchat@hort.net]On<br>Behalf Of Kitty<br>Sent: Sunday,
January 04, 2004 9:37 AM<br>To: gardenchat@hort.net<br>Subject: Re:
[CHAT] Progress on the garden wall<br><br><br>>> Brr- we had frost last
night!<br>Brr- we had snow last night!<br>Kitty<br>----- Original
Message -----<br>From: "Theresa" <tchessie@comcast.net><br>To:
<gardenchat@hort.net><br>Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 12:02
PM<br>Subject: RE: [CHAT] Progress on the garden wall<br><br><br>> My
job for today is to figure out what all in waiting to be planted
and<br>what<br>> exposure they like ( I knew when I bought them, but
that was months ago).<br>> Right now I just want it to warm up! Brr- we
had frost last night!<br>><br>> Theresa<br>><br

>> -----Original Message-----<br>> From: owner-gardenchat@hort.net
[mailto:owner-gardenchat@hort.net]On<br>> Behalf Of Jesse Bell<br>>
Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 8:31 AM<br>> To: gardenchat@hort.net<br>>
Subject: RE: [CHAT] Progress on the garden wall<br>><br>><br>> WOW!
Awesome job on the wall. I just love it! You two have done a great<br>>
job. When spring rolls around, you can sit back and admire all your
hard<br>> work! Truly...artwork.<br>><br>><br>><br>> >From: Theresa
<tchessie@comcast.net><br>> >Reply-To: gardenchat@hort.net<br>> >To:
gardenchat@hort.net<br>> >Subject: [CHAT] Progress on the garden
wall<br>> >Date: 01/03/04 19:00:56<br>> ><br>> >Progress on the garden
wall<br>> >Hope this works- Yahoo has changed it's photo sharing
settings.<br>> >Moved about 4 1/2 cubic yards of soil today, and lifted
some plants.<br>> >Only have the wall corners left to build. Neighbor is
bringing home a<br>> >big saw next weekend to tackle this. Yeah!
Tomorrow I'm going to<br>> >plant some of the things waiting on my back
porch- if I can move!!<br>>
/Garden+Wall+project&.src=ph<br>> ><br>>
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