[IGS] Creamery

Just a happy message I wanted to share with you all:
I had admired the first yellow Pelargonium "Creamery", raised by the
famous late Rev. Stanley P. Stringer, in English books but today had a
very happy surprise - I FOUND it and quite unexpectedly (since I did not
have to look for it on holiday in the UK)!!!
I went to my local plant nursery in Naarden who always have a nice named
supply of various pellies - Angels, Zonals, Ivy's, Scenteds, some
scented species, some Stellars and more and to my surprise FOUND three
plants of the variety. I could at first not believe my eyes as I really
saw these nice semidouble little soft yellow flowers and thought how
could it be possible? But it was and the label indeed said Creamery!!!!
Now I have it I finally believe that it is possible to raise YELLOW
pelargonium cultivars!
The plant is a typical Stringer cultivar - not large, leaves with some
vague "x peltatum" influence (like his Deacons) but more incised (must
be because of the species used to get to the yellowish side of the
spectrum) and the flowers are not large but well shaped and semi double
and with a lovely soft yellow color!
I enquired with the owner and he said that he sometimes had a few in the
orders he received from his suppliers so I was lucky as they were rare.
You can be lieve I AM lucky and hope they will florish here!
Mimy Sluiter
The Netherlands

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